Forests of Goodlund
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Created By: Ymir, Strathaar
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Recommended Levels: Mid





A beautiful region rich in flora and fauna, the region is as pleasant to traipse across as are its inhabitants the kender. Various settlements of their's can be found throughout the region. Woodsedge has recently risen in importance due to its prominent position upon the Forest Road which has gained popularity among travelers of late.

Recommended Levels


Raiders of mid-levels should be able to wreak ample chaos in the region as the general populace is easy-going and rarely touched by troubles that plague other parts of the world.



The Goodlund peninsula is inhabited mostly by kender this region may also be known by the name of Kendermore. The Forests of Goodlund lies to the east of Balifor; though the deserts of the western nation are encroaching on the western plains of Goodlund, further east, the forests of Goodlund cover the middle portion of the peninsula.

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