The goblins of Krynn live their lives in the wilderness beyond settlement in primitive conditions. They are short, flat-nosed creatures with green skin. They are around the same size as kenders and almost as quick. The goblin's life centers around the tribe, where they are born and will most likely die. Their society is based around the philosophy of "might makes right." As a group, they rarely look beyond their next meal, battle, or plunder. Most goblin tribes are semi-nomadic, wandering from place to place like a plague of bandits, stripping an area until it is despoiled. Or until the local militia rouses itself. Some few tribes have managed to wrest small villages from their previous inhabitants. Goblin rule over these villages rarely outlasts a moon-cycle, but such "goblin towns" are the highest form of goblin civilization.

Goblins are born killers and goblins are vicious fighters when angered. Goblin temper in general, is very short, thus they do a lot of fighting. Goblins have no shame and will lie, cheat or steal to get what they want.

Classes Available to goblins:

 Warrior         Dark Knight     Thief           Scout
 Shaman          Cleric          Magic User

Alignment Restrictions:

 Cannot follow good alignments.

Goblin Key Attributes:

 Dexterity, Strength
Racial Bonus
Gain an improved movement regeneration rate

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