Goblin Camp
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Hidden within a forest south of the town of Solace is a camp of marauding goblins. The goblins engages in acts of theft, robberies and sometimes slave trade. Traveling merchants are many times the favorite targets of these bands of rogues. Fewmaster Toede, ring leader of the goblins is often rumored to be in league with the Dragonarmy. Who knows what these foul creatures are up to now.

Recommended Levels


The goblins are often lazy and cowardly fighters. Low to mid level [6-14] adventurers are capable of dealing with the goblins, although care should be taken, and a group may be required attempting to apprehend [[Fewmaster Toede]] himself.



The camp has been scouted in the forests southwest of Newport.


South of Solace and slightly to the west of the Old Road is a small path off the road that leads to a wooded trail. Following the trail leads past a hidden grove where adventures can rest for a bit, to a muddy passage that lies just before the hidden passage where the goblins have camouflaged their lair.

Inside there are a number of drunk and vicious goblins, as well as quite a few draconian soldiers, all in the service of the infamous Fewmaster Toede.

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