Kalaman Training Academy
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The Training Academy was set up by a mage, named Wyne, to teach youthful adventurers to explore the land of Krynn. He hired a few experienced men to help him get it going with the little money that he had saved. Wyne accepted anyone into his academy, but he soon began to face some financial problems. Wyne did not receive anything for creating the academy, nor did he ask anything from his students. With his funds finally depleted, he could not afford to run the school any longer, leaving him feeling used and contemptuous towards his students.

Kod, a young paladin, was Wyne's strongest student and first to graduate. But Kod's heart lost its purity, and his soul was driven by evil. He began to use these skills to bring havoc upon Kalaman. He became consumed by greed and started raids on Kalaman's citizens and visitors. Asha, a friend of Kod, became his accomplice and the two worked together to corrupt the rest of the academy's best students. They eventually developed a clan dedicated to controlling everything that comes in and out of Kalaman.

Wyne was confronted by the two former students and was easily convinced to aid them. With their help, he would control a part of the nearby city. He used their blood money to keep the academy open, training more young knights that Kod would corrupt and add to their army.

Recommended Levels


Kalaman Training Academy is for inexperienced players levels [3-9]. A group of mid levels [9-13] would be needed to explore Kod's maze thoroughly, although caution is recommended.



The academy is located near the city of Kalaman. The exact location of Kod's Domain is not widely known, but it is somewhere within the academy.

Player Notes

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