Region: Heartlund
Created Date: 2009-09-28
Created By: Earli, Vespin
Revamp By:
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Recommended Levels: All





The citizens of Lytburg have long been under siege by a dark and sinister power beyond their comparatively meager capabilities. Desperately they've been enlisting the aid of adventurers far and wide, often times throwing caution to the wind. As such, their town has surely been infiltrated by their aggressors and in dire need of righteous defenders to rally to their cause. Lord Frederick, castellan of Lytburg has issued messengers to come to his aid, but his cause is grim.

While the town itself is far from the reinforcements it so desperately needs, it has been tempered and molded into a fierce military compound. The weakest soldiers and townsfolk have either been weeded out by the conscription policies of the town or the attrition factor of the war. Although one might think to prey upon the already taxed resources of Lytburg, the remaining garrison is battle-scarred and their military leadership quite proficient. Those willing to enlist in Lytburg's defense should be well compensated, should the threat be lifted.

Recommended Levels


Due to the constant threat of invasion and the town's paranoia, only high level players [25+] should attempt to engage in Lytburg's struggle. The city's garrison is well provisioned against saboteurs.



Lytburg can be found near the Plains of Solamnia, and serves as an outpost between Garnet and the High Clerist's Tower.

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