Recently, a travelling bard has been seen frequenting the Palanthian inn and has been telling stories of the fabled mines of Lok' Tath. According to the bard, the ancient mines were originally the home to a group of stalwart dwarven miners. Realizing the enormous wealth the mine was capable of providing, the miners enlisted the help of a group of renegade magi to provide protection for the mines and the little village the dwarves had established in the nearby mountains. The mages cast powerful spells of protection and warding on the area ensuring the safety of the miners. Years passed and the miners grew rich from working the mines. However, for some unknown reason, the miners slowly began to lose their mind. Whether due to the years of isolation or the constant subjection to the powerful magics, the miners eventually killed themselves off in mindless rage. The area has been deserted for over two hundred years. However, the bard claims to have seen traffic along the road leading to the ancient village.

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