Slig Camp
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It's a well known fact that the people of Haven have been pestered for many years by a roving band of sligs, close cousins to the goblins that populate other areas of Krynn. Recently, incidents involving the sligs have become more prevalent and the townsfolk have been forced to seek shelter on the ferries running between Haven and Newport when traveling between the two fair cities.

The people of both cities have been searching for some brave adventurers willing to trek into the forest east of Haven and rid them of the sligs once and for all. While no reward has been offered, the townsfolk assure anyone who asks that the rewards to be gained from the camp itself are more than any bounty they could offer.

Recommended Levels


While the people of Haven say the dangers of the forest are minimal [1-3], they do warn that a group of more hardy adventurers will be needed to rid them of the sligs [6-10].



The best place to begin looking for the slig camp would be the road to the dock on the River White-Rage that is serviced by a ferry between Newport and Haven.

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