Region: Abanasinia
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Recommended Levels: All





Solace is a popular town in the Dragonlance novels. It is a small town, nestled within a large, protective vallenwood forest, safe from the evils and terror spreading across Krynn. Here, all races can be found as they pass through Solace on longer journeys.

Every type of provision may be bought here, from sharp swords to the tastiest food (Otik's spiced potatoes are legendary throughout Krynn). All of the shops are located in the upper branches of huge vallenwood trees. It is unwise to drink too much of Otik's fine ale for fear of a speedy return to the ground far below.

Several roads and highways spread out from Solace into the surrounding continent.

Recommended Levels


Solace is suitable for all levels of players.



Solace lies in the eastern Seeker lands and on a major road network to Haven, west of the Abanasinia Plains and bordering Darken Wood.

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