Vingaard Farmlands
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Created Date: 2002-07-04
Created By: Leirin, Noryl, Dyl
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Recommended Levels: Low





The city of Vingaard stands in the center of the Solamnic plains along the western side of the Vingaard river. The plains are rich farmlands and have been cultivated for milennia. Many farms can be found along the city walls of Vingaard as the land is more fertile around Vingaard city due to seasonal floods which bring new dirt rich in nutrients. Also, the city provides a large market for farmers to sell their produce and easy transportation along the Vingaard river to sell hand-made goods in Kalaman.

Recommended Levels


The farmers are a kind folk and treat everyone as a friend, until given a reason not to. While anyone is welcome to visit the farms, only those of low levels of experience [1-5] are likely to find adventure.



Two of the larger farms in the area can be found to the northwest of the city of Vingaard, on a dirt road leading away from the Knights' High Road.

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